HardTied – Nikki gets punished

Hello there, my BDSM lovers! On tonight’s update, Nikki dresses up nicely and puts make up trying to look pretty for his master at hardtied. He doesn’t likes the way she looks at all, and decides to teach her a lesson. Well, if you ask me, it was the kind of lesson Nikki tries not no remember so that her master to repeat it. She loves the way he treats her and that is pretty clear, that why she does what she does: just to get punished.

This slut truly enjoys to be tied and punished with the cock. What slut wouldn’t? She gets tied to the table and he brings different kind of vibrator to fuck her holes. He likes it when she screams in pain and cried for mercy. That is exactly what he is looking for. He will put his cock outside and will shove it into that eager cunt. After that, her clit is massage with some vibrator and she earns a squirting orgasm! I’m sure she loves the way her master is treating her as she gets to enjoy a squirting orgasm every time he takes care of her like this. No more chit-chat, cum inside and enjoy the entire episode and see how she takes his cum in the end of the scene.

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